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Friend…I have answered this question several times here earlier. The reason for AIDMK winning is the people of Tamilnadu have experienced how it would be to be ruled by a Party, which takes care of the people in all aspects. No vandalism; no violence; no hooliganism; no lands grabbing; no shop and business mamool by […]

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Islam does not talk about Christ because they don’t believe in the trinity like Christianity , but if the question was about the Holy Spirit God, Islam would depict God as a person who wants to punish you and make you fear him. Christianity on the other hand, depicts God as a loving person and […]

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Which brings me to the bulk of the people who donate. There is the “Red Brand” of injustice and the “Blue Brand” of injustice. Political leaders have extra-legal power (Orwell’s “Some are more equal than others”), and they market that power to advance their ends, including getting elected, enriching themselves, etc. They have to appeal […]

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Any modern, scientifically-designed, reality-based system of combatives is going to be more or less equally effective as other systems. Krav Maga may be a little more refined since it is newer and builds on the foundation of Defendu, and incorporates modern technology like body armor which wasn’t available in WWII. Keep in mind that Imi […]

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And all this is if you even know the song, since you won’t just overhear it on the radio or be as casually/passively experienced with music as everyone else who knows what albums are coming out. We can’t casually experience it, not quite so easily, so at least for me it’s just not as much […]

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My Indian girlhood had ample requests to smile, by random strangers, during too many sessions, in addition to “requests” of loving back, looking back, get closer to the person, give phone numbers to, and get acquainted with, share a ride, give a kiss, give my heart, etc.The bitch face, while resting and moving was always ON, in the very earnest aspiration of shooing off the […]

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I came to Bangalore to work and she went in some other city. I could not keep her out of my mind. One of my college friend came to work here and whenever we use to drink OLD MONK, her thoughts used to make me happy. Recently I met her in Bangalore. She called me when she came here and we spent 2 hours together and I again fell in […]